ADMA Exhibitor Information

Event build up and break down timetable

Mon 10thTue 11th Wed 12th Thur 13th Fri 14th Sat 15th Sun 16th Mon 17th Tue 18th
0700All exhibitor access foot traffic only All exhibitor access foot traffic only All exhibitor access foot traffic only All exhibitor access All exhibitor access All exhibitor access All exhibitor access foot traffic only All exhibitor access foot traffic only All exhibitor access foot traffic only
0900All exhibitor access foot traffic only All exhibitor access foot traffic only All exhibitor access foot traffic only Gates open Gates open Gates open
1100 All exhibitor access build up All exhibitor access build up All exhibitor access build up All exhibitor access All exhibitor access All exhibitor access All exhibitor access for break down All exhibitor access for break down All exhibitor access for break down
1500Visitor gates close
1600Visitor gates closeVisitor gates closeSite closesSite closesSite closesSite closes
1700Site closesSite closes
1800All exhibitors off site
1900All exhibitors off siteAll exhibitors off site
2100Site closesSite closes
2200Site closes

ADMA Agrishow 2019 A-Z


Borrowdale Race Course is a functional horse racing facility. The ADMA Agri Show takes place in the in field of the race course itself and as such has to operate under the guidance and rules of the Mashonaland Turf Club regarding access and setup.
Access onto the ADMA Agri Show site will begin at 11:00am for vehicle traffic. All vehicles personal or delivery will only be permitted to cross the track at 11:00am each day with the exceptions of the show days when the crossing will be open at 07:00am. Guards are located at the crossing to instruct you when it is safe to cross. Please work with the guards as the potential for a collision with horses is high if you do not follow their instruction.

Foot traffic is permitted onto the site form 07:00am and our suggestion is that you make deliveries during the afternoon and then the team can work on your stand in the morning whilst waiting for the crossing to open at 11:00am. Please use the parking in front of the main grandstand if you are going to walk onto site as it is closer and your vehicle will not block the queue of delivery vehicles waiting at the
main crossing. There is a pedestrian crossing with a guard and Mashonaland Turf Club marshal to instruct you when it is safe to cross.

Aerial Promotion

Aerial promotion will be restricted to 15m in height from ground level. This includes; UAV’s, Drones (except drones that are part of the exhibition), blimps and balloons unless otherwise cleared by Show management.

AV hire

AV equipment is available for hire from Davies Events. Please send your requirements to


All on stand beverage must be purchased through Davies Events. The prices of all available beverages are attached. Ice is also available for purchase. Please complete and return the Beverage order form in the forms section of this document. Payment for ALL beverage will be in advance either through RTGS or onsite swipe facility one the site office opens on the 5th June. Pre orders of beverage will need to be delivered to your stand by the 12th June pre show. A representative from your company will need to visit the Beverage Dispatch Tent located within the show area. Porters will be available to assist with delivering the beverage to your stand. Please note there will be no returns accepted.

Build up and Break Down

Please refer to the build up and break down times table for site operating times. Please note there is a one way system on site. All deliveries will need to access the site from the East Gate and depart via the West Gate.

Catering during Build up

There is an on site caterer for the build up period offering meals for build up crews on site. Please contact Courtney McIntyre 0779163363 and prebook your meals for your crews with her.

Display Vehicles

All Heavy Goods Vehicles are required to report to the Gate Office prior to attempting to access the site. Drivers will be walked to their stand and are requested to follow the instructions of the traffic marshals. This is to minimize the impact on the turf. We request that drivers who are driving vehicles that are to remain on an exhibition stand, inspect and plan their route to the stand, ensuring minimal maneuvering on the stand.

Emergency Procedures

Fire and first aid facilities will be clearly illustrated on the site plans and pointed out to exhibitors once you begin installations.

First Aid

Basic medical cover will be provided during the event hours of 07:00 to 18:00. If you require medical assistance please visit the first aid facilities.

Flagpoles and Temporary Graphic Structures

Please note that under no circumstances are any exhibitors permitted to dig, trench or drain their stands. If you are intending to use flagpoles on your stand they must be free standing with the necessary ballast and ropes to secure them. Any guide ropes must fall within the stand area and not into the visitor walkways. Guide ropes are to be suitably marked at ground level up to waist height. The Event Operations Manager will inspect these structures during the last day of build up – if they are found to be unsafe they may need to be removed or modified.


Davies Events are on hand to assist with your furniture hire requirements. The standard order form can be found in the form section of this document. Stocks are finite and orders are processed on a first come first serve basis. And only secured once payment is received.

Furniture orders through Davies Events will cease on Wednesday 5th June 2019 with the exception of standard trestle tables and white plastic chairs. Ensure your orders are placed before this date.

A representative from your company will need to visit the site office to take delivery of your furniture. Please note it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to ensure that the furniture is signed back in with Davies Events. All shortages will be invoiced in full.


Exhibitors are not permitted to supply their own generators to the site. Site power is available to your stand at a charge. Please refer to the Power section in this document.


Use of glass is to be kept to a minimum. Beers, wine, spirit, mixers and soft drinks are to be served in cans or plastic cups only. Any breakage is to be cleared and reported to event staff.


See Display Vehicles Section above.


The organizers, whilst taking every reasonable precaution, expressly decline any responsibility for any loss or damage, which may befall the property of an exhibitor from any cause whatsoever.

The exhibitor must ensure their public liability and product insurance is adequate and up to date.


The organizers will not supply Wi-Fi. ZOL has wifi on site and arrangements can be made by contacting
ZOL Zimbabwe
Territory Manager
Wellington Manhimanzi
+263 772822972


Exhibitors are permitted to hand out leaflets and print media on their stands only.
No leafleting of car parks or public areas of the exhibition site will be permitted.

Lifting / loading

Please ensure you have provision for off loading your equipment onto your stand.
This year there is no on site lifting service provided by the Organisers.

Noise and Live Performances

Exhibitors must seek permission from the Organisers should they wish to hold live performances or use Public Address Systems on their stands. Volume should be kept at a level that does not exceed 80dB. If an exhibition stand in your vicinity is negatively affected by the sound level you will be instructed to reduce the volume or stop all together.


Should you require power for your stand a fee of $250 ex VAT is payable per 5amp outlet. This is sufficient to run AV, computers, point of sale systems and basic electronics. Should you require 3 phase power for your stand charges will be calculated on application subject to your location and load requirements and you will be required to provide the cabling capable of running the required machinery for demonstration to run from your stand to the nearest Distribution Point. No kettles or high amp load items are permitted.


Exhibitors and visitors must dispose of rubbish in the bins provided. All exhibits and waste materials must be cleared from the site no later than 18:00 hours on Tuesday 19th June 2019. Any materials remaining after this time will be removed as rubbish and may incur removal charges.


24hr security commences on Monday 10th May 2019. This is patrol and perimeter security and not dedicated stand security.

We recommend that any small attractive items be locked up or removed each evening. The organizers will not be responsible or liable for theft or injury. We encourage exhibitors with small items to hire additional dedicated security for their stand.

Exhibitors requiring extra security please complete the attached Security Request Form in the forms section and send it to David Davies at

In the interest of public safety and security, exhibitors and visitors may be subject to bag and body searches. Please insist your staff carry their accreditation at all times.

During breakdown do not leave your stand unattended until all valuable or small items have been removed.

If you are suspicious of any individual or groups please contact your nearest security officer.

Site Office

The site office will be open from 07:00 Wednesday 5th June 2019 for the duration of the times as displayed in the show times section of this document.

Stand Boundaries and Completion

All stands will be demarcated by spray paint on the ground and corner pegs. If this is not clearly visible please contact the Event Operations Manager before commencing build up. All stands are to be completed by 19:00 on Wednesday 12th June 2019.

Exhibitors are requested not to drive or park on other exhibitors’ stands or public walkways.


Please ensure you have reserved and paid for your Exhibitor Passes before the opening of the show. The Organizers cannot guarantee you a speedy entry on show days should you require accreditation.

Exhibitor Accreditation is in the form of Lanyards and personalized cards and are combined with a wristband. The wristband is the access control.

No wristband – No entry

Pre-booked visitor tickets that are not delivered with the posters and flyers can be collected from the site office on Wednesday 5th June 2018.

Vehicle Passes

Exhibitors will be issued with exhibitor vehicle parking stickers for the Exhibitor parking area on the in field area of the Borrowdale Race Course. Due to limited infield parking Exhibitors will be issued with an appropriate amount of Exhibitor Car Park stickers.

Platinum 4
Gold 3
Silver 2
Bronze 1

No more stickers will be issued to any exhibitor regardless of category or reason.


Bottled water is available on site for human consumption. Caterers are requested to provide their own appropriate container for food prep and washing requirements.

Working Demonstrations

Safety is of paramount importance at ADMA Agri Show 2019.

  • These guidelines should be used in conjunction with the exhibitors own obligations in relation to the equipment they are demonstrating on site.
  • Exhibitors must produce a risk assessment for the operation of the machinery they are going to demonstrate on site.
  • No one should stand behind or in front of machinery when it is starting.
  • The operators of the machinery must have received appropriate training on the use of the machine or vehicle and be familiar with the controls of the unit prior to the event.
  • All tractor/vehicle cabs should be locked when not in use and the operator is to isolate any machinery or equipment left unattended.
  • All machines must have appropriate guarding in place at all times.
  • All working machines must be CE marked and all necessary guarding must be fitted and complete.
  • No demonstration should commence should the Exhibitor feel concerned that the audience is at risk of injury.
  • Exhibitors should ensure that no members of the public climb onto/into machinery, vehicles, tractor or trailers unless it has been fully isolated.
  • Demonstrations must cease immediately if requested by an Event Official.
  • If an exhibitor allows a member of the audience or their staff to drive, control or maneuver a vehicle or machine; the organizers accept no responsibility for the consequences of these actions. The Exhibitor assumes all responsibility.